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'Learning to Fly'

Chris Gould

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Jenny Barnett

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'Grumpy and Joy'

Marta Callizo

"Creative Voice has become a precious part of my life in Melbourne. In the space of one evening of improvising, I can experience moments of magic, beauty, intensity, challenge and hilarity!

I'm delighted at the way Hilde works with me as an individual and with the many dynamics that arise in the group. Her flexibility and experience creates a lovely, warm and safe environment to play, explore and sing, sing, sing!"

Tamsin Russell

"moments of magic, beauty, intensity, challenge and hilarity!"

"...non-critical and supportive environment"

"Through a non-critical and supportive environment Creative Voice has given me the opportunity to explore my voice as an instrument. It allows me to play, unlocking my creativity so I can express how I feel through improvisation. Experiencing this opens up a door for me, a different way of being while expressing myself in front of others. It involves enjoyment rather than fear. Now, I actually feel joy within."

David Cooper

"Creative Voice classes have helped me develop both as an artist and a musician through reawakening my spontaneity and sense of playfulness. In the sessions  I  explore the capabilities of my voice, gain insight into the creative process and draw inspiration from  improvising with others in the group. I'm amazed at what I can learn about myself in doing this with other people.  I feel like I have reconnected with the child in me, the one that loved to sing, dance and paint; the person I was before I started judging what I produced.

I've developed a confidence in my own creativity and a skill base that enables me to work collaboratively with other musicians.  In the last few years I have performed using my voice as an instrument with various jazz musicians on improvisational pieces.  Hilde's guidance and the processes involved in Creative Voice have helped make this possible."

Max Maxfield

"I've developed a confidence in my own creativity"

"...invariably leave with my batteries charged"

"After many years of attending Creative Voice sessions, I'm still amazed at the music that is made when people come together to share the spontaneity of singing 'in the moment'.

Coming from the country where the chance for singing is a little limited, I've found Hilde's groups a great outlet to simply use my voice. I like the feeling that always seems to be in the groups. I'm with people who share a love of singing, whether they be professionals or advanced bathroom singers. It gives me a feeling of belonging and a true sense of acceptance. I often arrive feeling a little fatigued and invariably leave with my batteries charged."

Bill Winter-Irving

"I'm struck with the similarities between my counseling training and the processes involved in Hilde's improvisational singing classes. I'm finding that I'm able to transfer my learning in Creative Voice around listening, spontaneity, authenticity and being comfortable with not having a fixed plan, to my work as a trainee counselor.

Through tuning in musically in group improvisations, I've discovered that new ideas seem to naturally emerge without being forced. This has given me greater confidence when counseling clients. By tuning in to clients, I can respond more appropriately and I can comfortably listen without planning what I 'should do' next."

Ann Locarnini

" ideas seem to
naturally emerge"

"...finding my own way of expressing my voice"

"I've been attending Creative Voice workshops for nearly 6 years. I initially came into the group to assist me get out of 'me'. I love the way Hilde runs these classes. The encouragement and support have helped me in finding my own way of expressing my voice – a voice I didn't really think I had. I've gone from making little mousey noises to huge, booming sounds. I've surprised myself many times.

My self-confidence and self-esteem have grown, not only in my voice and its capabilities, but also in my day-to-day life. I believe this work has contributed to my feeling of being comfortable in my own skin. Telling stories and singing them, improvising, harmonizing, doing spontaneous role-plays, just letting things come from within without trying – in those moments the best sounds come and we make heaps of them!"

Eleni Avraam

Creative Voice with Hilde Knottenbelt