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Commonly Asked Questions

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Experiences of Participants

How big will the group be?

The maximum group size is 12. Often there are between 6 to 10 people

Will I learn any techniques about looking after my voice?

Yes. You’ll develop awareness of the way you use your body when you sing and how it affects your vocal production. You’ll also get to know about some of the mental processes and habits that affect your vocal production.

I was told to stand up the back and mime when I was at school and I seem to have a problem with pitch, but I just love to sing. Is there any hope for me?

A number of people I’ve worked with over the years have said they have a problem with pitch or singing in tune. I find it’s helpful to work out what is going on, because it’s not a clear-cut thing. Sometimes people go off key because they run out of breath, or because they’re anxious, or because they think in a limiting way about their voice and sometimes people hear a sound in their head and a different one comes out of their mouth. So there are many different things. It’s worth coming to the question of pitch with an open and curious mind.

I’m a songwriter and performer and I want to free up around songwriting. Is Creative Voice likely to be relevant for me?

There’s a lot of scope in Creative Voice for developing your ability to improvise text, melodies and harmony and this creative process does assist in more formal songwriting. In the Advanced Vocal Improvisation and Story Singing Group there’s an added dimension of trying to capture the essence of a person’s experience in improvised song.

I’m thinking of enroling in a weekend workshop and I’m a bit nervous about singing in front of other people. Will I have to sing on my own?

The weekend workshops are structured to allow for differences in confidence levels. It’s not expected that you’ll sing on your own, but the opportunities are there if and when you’re ready.

I want to join a choir and feel I first need to develop my confidence. Would a weekend workshop be appropriate for me?

Developing confidence in your singing voice comes in different ways for each individual. Most people benefit from a combination of developing an attitude of curiosity and interest in relation to their voice, learning skills in a structured way and by experiencing the sensation of being enlivened through singing. It’s likely that you would experience all of those things in a weekend workshop.

In terms of preparing you for singing in a choir, over a weekend you would have many different kinds of experiences of singing with others and there are always opportunities to practice holding harmonies

I have trouble expressing my self in some situations. I feel like I haven’t got a voice. Can Creative Voice help me?

In Creative Voice, there are a number of ways to work with developing self-expression. They can take place in a group or in individual sessions.

You can focus on freeing up your voice, playing and developing as an improviser. You can also directly address a particular situation where you want to strengthen your self-expression. This could involve making up songs about the experience or exploring it using psychodramatic enactment.

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